Using LinkedIn to grow

LinkedIn is the best networking tool I have ever used and I would highly recommend it.  I have created over £1 million in sales using LinkedIn - how brilliant is that !

LinkedIn works on search words.  Every word in your profile can be searched - so think carefully of what you put on it.

Some tips :

a) Make sure your job title says not just what you do but what your company does - these are search words and google uses them as does linked in. 

b) Subscribe - you get much better benefits as a member. Its worth it.  Sending Inmail is very useful plus you get many more search results with a paid membership.

c) Search for "Director" or "xxx company" - you will find who you are looking for ! Simple.....

d) Get yourself recommended by others - it improves your profile.

e) look on a google search for "Better search results on LinkedIn" - there are loads of articles showing how you can improve your profile.