Creating your Strategy Plan


I look at this photo most days and ask myself  - How can my business be different ? ........How can we do things differently ? How can we be disruptive ?

Try it ....put the picture on your wall and look at it often ...what is it that you do differently are you thinking outside the box ?

Darwin said 

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change."

New companies start everyday and many change the way of doing things - Look at Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn  all now valued in the billions  ?

Apple always impress me - they came  up with Itunes which changed the way we buy music. They invented the iphone and now the ipad which have quickly become world leaders.

Maybe it could be your company next that "does it differently" ?

One of the things that is very different about my companies compared to our competitors is that we have a comprehensive STRATEGY PLAN - it runs to 50 pages !

How does that help ?

'The Art of War' is a military strategy book written by the 6th century Chinese author Sun Tzu.

It has some interesting teachings - here is a quote from the book  
                              "When slightly inferior, we may be overcome by superior strategy".

Most businesses borrow money from a bank or other funder.

Moreso now than ever before  Bank Managers are thinking -  WHAT IS THEIR RISK & WHAT IS THEIR REWARD. 

It helps if you start thinking this way when building your business plan.

A good Strategy Plan REDUCES your risk and MAXIMISES YOUR REWARD.

Once you have built a good strategy plan it will be something you can proudly show to your Bank Manager and certainly it is something you can use to help you get more funding for growth.