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"I'm writing to thank you for the insights on your inspirational website "mystrategyplan.com", which I have been using to devise my strategy for a new employment law practice I am setting up at *******, the firm I will shortly join as a Partner and Head of Employment.
As you will gather, my career is taking a new and very exciting turn. Last year you asked me to join you on the Great Minds website and I was unable to produce a video for various internal reasons. I realised that my entrepreneurial ideas about business development were not being fulfilled in a big firm, so I started to look elsewhere."
Brian from London

"I am really convinced that there is a great need for simplified strategic planning tools particularly for SME's. Here is a straightforward flexible model that cuts through the jargon, and can be readily adopted in most businesses. What I like most is that it always brings into sharp focus the fact that the customer must be at the centre of everything we do. "
Michael Lorimer - Chief Executive

Excellent, Simple and Easy to understand
Nazarali Saliya

This is a very nice site, some useful information.
Cole Consulting

That is fantastic. Thank you for sharing your guiding models to help tie ideas and put them into effect! These strategic suggestions really do apply to each of corporate, government, and nonprofit/third sector.
Let me reiterate your web address, to your 5 Part Plan.

Posted by Velma Anne Ruth, M.Ed.